Your personal prophecy

  1. “Receive your personal prophecy,” said the headline that appeared in my online search. I wonder how much the prophet charges?

  2. To die now means great gain for the Christian, but the Lord often wants his people to stay and serve. See Phil 1.21.

  3. While we are here on earth we work and do what we can. God will call us to himself when he is ready.

  4. Joel preached last Sunday in the Belém congregation, after arriving the previous day to work there for a week. Proud of him.

  5. Tuesday is a state holiday. The Colinas roundabout will be closed from two directions Monday and Tuesday. Find another way.

  6. An original verse: Find yourself another way around, / Or, better: stay at home and calm down.

  7. A Bible verse: “‘Thus I will strengthen them by my power, and they will walk about in my name,’ says the Lord” Zech 10.12.


    What say you?