Yahoo Groups shutting down

  1. Yahoo Groups to shut down. More than ever, make sure you host your own content, to keep control. You never know.

  2. Good group last night. A.P., old friend, promised to consider baptism. Can it happen after so many years? God can make it happen.

  3. Study last night was about Moses’ sin. He let emotion carry him away. Have we not learned this lesson?

  4. New issue of mag at printer, theme on the victory of our spiritual battle. Now to get latest book there.

  5. Got a good start on dictionary. Left off last couple of days. Time to pick it up again today.

  6. An original verse: The written Word has power and ways and means, / Can change our course and modify our genes.

  7. A Bible verse: “But as God’s servants, we have commended ourselves … by truthful teaching, by the power of God, with weapons of righteousness both for the right hand and for the left” 2 Cor 6.4a, 7.


What say you?