Change without making changes

This, pretty much:

We like to take medication, as a culture. Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes we can’t return to our body’s baseline without it. Sometimes, though, we want to take medication because we hope it’ll create change without demanding that we make any changes to how we’re living.

Like the guy at the gym the other day who said he worked out so he could eat (and drink) more. We want what we want.

  • How true! Changes to our lives is what we need and what we are sometimes unwilling to do! Humans often think change for the better is difficult. Only the journey seems difficult. I’ve learned in my walking that after I get to the top of the hill, it wasn’t that hard. Same is true about spiritual things! Thanks for the great thought!

    • Not sure why your comment had to be approved since you’ve made some here before. But thanks. I find it true about exercise especially. Was never in my background before.

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