Will it stick?

  1. A Brazilian Supreme Court judge ruled all prohibitions of religious meetings were unconstitutional Apr 3. Will his ruling stick?

  2. The bread store, “Elite,” where I buy our fresh morning pĆ£ozinhos closed Apr 3. The lockdown was too much. One more victim.

  3. A quote: “I decided to focus on all the support and love I’m getting, and my anger turned to gratefulness.” That’s the key.

  4. The emphasis in the greatest commandment is not upon the various aspects of the human psyche, but on the concept of “all.” No divided loyalties with God.

  5. Good group tonight, with 14 adults and 2 children. Even while we’re trying to keep the numbers low.

  6. An original verse: Do not hold back the gospel’s power to save; / But let it go and pull men from the grave.

  7. A Bible verse: “Let Israel rejoice in their Creator. Let the people of Zion delight in their King.” Psalm 149.2 NET.


    What say you?