Whining about exceptional blessings

For sheer number of Bible versions, in both English and Portuguese, Bible Gateway wins hands down. Except it’s gotten too, well, commercial. So I’ve been using the Blue Letter Bible some for the English. It has some advantages. I tried bible.com (youversion) in desktop mode, and it’s just weird, not intuitive at all. StudyLight.com isn’t bad.

So here we are, whining about our exceptional blessings.

I’m not into Logos and other proprietary plans that you pay to access content. If I pay, it has to become mine, for all time. So please don’t suggest them as options.

  • I agree. I’m always getting the Logos pitch from fans. I downloaded the “free” version of it. It was practically nothing but one version and a few trimmings. Then, the parade of ads began and the prices got higher and higher. I’d had enough and deleted all of it. I’ve got E-Sword and have much less paid content on it.

What say you?