Whether the boss is present or absent

Ed M.’s main text in his devotional today is Col 3.23, on how slaves should serve their masters. He applies it, appropriately, to modern work relationships.

Employees should be busy whether the boss is present or absent, Ephesians 6:5,6. The devotion of Christian laborers is unselfish. It is undivided. They do not think of their job description as distasteful requirements issued by harsh overlords. Rather it is a blueprint for their commitment. They work “out of reverence for God,” Nehemiah 5:15; Colossians 3:22; I Timothy 6:1-3.

God transforms even our jobs or employment. Cheerfulness is key. The Christian brings his joyfulness and gratitude to his daily routine and job. His work is not secular, but devoted to the Lord.

Focus question: Where is God in my job? How can I transform my tasks to honor him? Where can the Lord use my work for his glory?


    What say you?