What discipleship means

A prayer site included this line by a contributor: “Lord, I give myself to fully follow You, whatever it may mean.” Perhaps she meant to say, whatever the cost, and that would be a wonderful prayer. The Lord has told us what following him means. The NT goes to great pains to explain what it means to follow Christ. To understand that, one needs to read, not guess at it in a prayer.

  • Jesus’ apostles followed him no matter the cost. For many following Jesus meant being killed. Being a disciple means losing my life to gain him (Philippians 3:7-9). Thanks for the great words!

    • Exactly. Sounded like the prayer didn’t understand yet what discipleship meant. Maybe that was even the point of the prayer, dunno.

      In Lk 10, the Lord sends out the 72 to preach. Right before that he talks about discipleship, and not putting one’s hand to the plow and afterwards looking back, Lk 9.62. Chapter division blurs the flow of thought here. Lk 10 is an amplification of that point. The Lord was always explaining what it meant. Thanks!

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