Unlikely choice

Felipe was an unlikely choice as a pulpit preacher. In a society where vanity says, “I can’t learn anything from him. I know more than he does,” I have always said, “I can learn from anybody who speaks God’s word. Listen!” He was painfully shy and he had difficulty articulating. His conversion dated back almost to the beginning. His faithfulness and participation in activities had helped to bring him through many personal difficulties. He had something to say. The church needs to hear from such men. He was certainly not eloquent, but neither was any other preacher in the New Testament said to be, besides Apollos (Acts 18:24). Would you expect Galilean fishermen to be orators? Or for a tax collector for the Romans to be? Even Paul’s speech was said to be contemptible (2 Corinthians 10:10). But Felipe’s preaching was not often from a pulpit, but, like most Guatemalans, in conversations, in homes, at work. —Jerry Hill

The workers in the Kingdom are most unlikely candidates.


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