Turning God’s mission into our own

Maybe a lot of us are more like Saul than we’d like to admit:

The will of God. The king was charged with “arrogance” and “rebellion,” I Samuel 15:23. It was a very serious indictment. He turned the mission of God into the mission of Saul. In effect, he obeyed himself. Though Saul pled innocence, I Samuel 15:20, the facts made quick work of his sophistry, I Samuel 15:24. We, too, are invited to be part of the mission of God. Our call is clear. We are to “declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness and into His wonderful light,” I Peter 2:9.

In today’s devotional for Jan. 6, the main text in 1 Sam 15 is apparently from the ESV, quite an interesting way to translate it.

Focus question: How to avoid turning God’s mission into one of our own? In what areas do we tend to distort or pervert God’s mission?

  • Brother Ed wrote, “Empty ritual is meaningless, detestable, and burdensome to the Lord, Isaiah 1:11-17.
    Mindless sacrifice has always upset Him, Hosea 6:6. God wants us far more than He wants
    our puny gifts, Psalms 50:7-15; Micah 6:6-8.” Why is ritualism anathema? It is so because ritual requires no thought, no heart, no sacrifice. It is the cold rehashing of phrases that may mean nothing. It is self-deception even as Saul deceived himself as righteous. God wants our hearts, our minds, our strength.

What say you?