Too what to commit?

  1. So people are too tired or too busy or too something to seek the Lord? Truth be told: too wrapped up in self.

  2. Verse of the week, for this 17th week of the year, is Mt 16.18. You got it memorized?

  3. I see it time and time again: People get close to a commitment and the evil one puts obstacles in the way. Such as work schedule changing to keep them away Sundays.

  4. Douglas spoke tonight, following up on his message two weeks ago. Then, on Philip and the Ethiopian; tonight, on Ananias and Saul. Great job both times.

  5. Y.T. is not much of a song leader, not much of a voice to sing with. But the Brazilian saying is, in the land of the blind, he who has one eye is king.

  6. An original verse: What good is toilet paper on a roll / When squashed?! From me the space the seller stole!

  7. A Bible verse: “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Is the Lord’s hand shortened? Now you will see whether my word to you will come true or not!'” Nm 11.23.


    What say you?