Too sensitive

  1. A podcast about software — software! — had this: “Content Warning: This episode has a brief discussion of death, including suicide.” Is the world too sensitive about people being too sensitive?

  2. The day before I traveled, a young lady tried to squeeze by my car and scraped her vehicle against the back of mine. She was distraught. Something to see about after returning from my trip.

  3. Man’s experience often runs counter to the Lord’s command, Lk 5.5. Obey it anyway.

  4. In Miami waiting to board plane for GRU. Ready to be home, but will be better to have the Missus home, too.

  5. In Nashville just happened to sit at gate next to Brazilians on vacation. And Brazil is in a crisis?

  6. An original verse: Babel’s tower still rises brick by brick, / But who will do the twisted arithmetic?

  7. A Bible verse: “Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Announce every day how he delivers!” 1Chr 16.23.


    What say you?