To fear God

What does it mean to fear God? This quote from the NET Bible is good.

To “fear” God’s name means to have a healthy respect for him which in turn motivates one to obey his commands (see Pss 61:5; 102:15).

Probably the NLT or whatever English Bible behind the Nova Bíblia Viva does it as well, but the latter often translates “fear” in the Old Testament when referring to God as obedience. Rather explicative, but acceptable.

This, of course, involves Protestants in a dilemma. They probably have to split hairs here, because the fear of God is (1) a constant in both Testaments (cf. Lk 1.50), and (2) necessary to being accepted by God. See Acts 10.35:

but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him (ESV).

    • Sits well with me. The fear of God leads us to subject, or submit, ourselves to him, and that shows itself in love, faith, and obedience.

What say you?