Airports? Maybe this one.

  1. Good group tonight. Ricardo and Marilia, with son Mateus, dropped in. I invited him to preach, and he brought a fine lesson from Rom 11.

  2. Out of 18, five were visitors (some now very regular) with no commitment yet to be followers of Christ according to the Bible.

  3. My sons, who grew up flying between continents, like airports. Me, not so much. But I’d like to visit this one.

  4. Don’t see nowadays people quoting the ISBE (2nd ed.). But it often has material I don’t find elsewhere. Great resource.

  5. The word “egg” is used in the New Testament one time; in the Old, six.

  6. An original verse: The people of God together meet to worship / And find in Christ their fullest hope and purpose.

  7. A Bible verse: “Everything in me will celebrate when you speak what is right” Pro 23.16 NLT.


    What say you?