The God of …

  1. The God of peace, of mercy, of love, of grace, of comfort. What other terms are used in Scripture to describe “the God of …”? You know the texts for these?

  2. Wrote lyrics for the song we’ve enjoyed for years: “I Love My Savior, Too.” Now to tweak and let it mellow.

  3. I have several books, mostly by others, in serious mode of getting finished. Mostly in Portuguese. Good feeling. Need someone to take care of orders.

  4. Seldom do I pay for apps or software. But I found one that rips vocals from music, helpful with the new hymnal. After the trial period, I shelled out the money.

  5. A quote: “We will never have the kind of church we need until the people of God become so conversant with the word of God that divine thoughts captivate and control our lives.” —B. Mouton, Words are windows, p. 211.

  6. An original verse: Walk in the backyard grass — / Go barefoot! That is best, / For body and mind to rest. / The world and news will pass.

  7. A Bible verse: “But they did not listen to Moses; some kept part of it until morning, and it was full of worms and began to stink, and Moses was angry with them” Exodus 17.20.


    What say you?