Tertullian (c.a. 200 A.D.) on the Theater

Another one from Johnny Polk:

“The pagans do not have full revelation of the truth, because they are not taught by God. So they believe that a thing is evil or good depending on how it suits their self-will and emotions. Therefore, something that is good in one place is considered evil in another. And that which is evil in one place is considered good in another. So oddly enough, the same man who is barely willing to lift up his tunic in public – even to relieve himself – takes it off in the circus, as though determined to expose himself before everybody. Or, the father who carefully protects and guards his virgin daughter’s ears from every polluting word, personally takes her to the theater. He thereby exposes her to all its vile words and attributes.”

—Tertullian c.a. 200 A.D. on the theater, as translated in A Glimpse of Early Christian Life by S. Thelwall, p. 28.


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