Take a mile

  1. Give an inch, take a mile. That’s what one person is doing with the good will of another.

  2. And what will we do with such sayings as the one above if America goes metric? Would be easier not to have to do conversions, however.

  3. Posting by email is one of WP’s best ideas. It’s how this site gets updated, every time.

  4. Busy good week that passed. Had a bit of everything in good measure. Including two baptisms.

  5. Besides English and Spanish, what language does each U.S. state speak most? Surprise!

  6. Had my FMag article well on the way, just needed some additional touches. Even deals with the month’s them.

  7. A Bible verse, and a serious question: “Why haven’t you obeyed the Lord?” 1 Sam 15.19a.


    What say you?