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Today's devotional (Jan. 5) is about zeal, a favorite topic of mine:

Zeal is devotion to and the pursuit of a cause, ideal, or goal. It is the backbone of faithfulness, I Kings 19:10. When God does what He promises to do, it is called “the zeal of the Lord,” II Kings 19:31; Isaiah 9:6,7; Ezekiel 5:13. It was “zeal” for the house of God that moved Jesus to cleanse the temple, John 2:17. We are to have that same commitment to the Lord—determined, focused, and dedicated to the purposes of heaven, Titus 2:14; Revelation 3:19. Obviously, it is good to be zealous for what is good. —Ed Mathews

Good read, good reminder. Still time to start with us on this yearly, meaty devotional.

Focus question: How intense is my zeal for the Lord? Are there times when it flags? What causes zeal to diminish? What feeds positive zeal?