Where’ve I been?

Every spare moment, nearly, has been spent in writing in Portuguese, much of that for a book of evangelistic studies, which so far has just over 200 pages. It has required translation of some studies, transcription of material I have on paper by others, and writing my own material, as well as revision and expansion … Read More

Not tuned to American interests

Americans have their special interests, including Christians. I’ve been gone for so long that the things I write don’t seem to resonate with them. Maybe another reason to turn my efforts more to Portuguese?

One space between sentences. Always.

A popular political and cultural website that is open to submissions has a rule that two spaces should follow full stops in text. Unbelievable! Unreasonable! One should use one space between sentences. Always. If you’re going to use two spaces, get a manual typewriter.

String-on sentences and a better risk

I just realized why I seldom finish prayers written on a website I follow. The author often has many good thoughts, but I seem to get lost in the prayer. My mind wanders away, so that I don’t finish reading the post. I noticed that he has run-on sentences. He often fails to punctuate them … Read More

Bible studies and stuff

Study with Paulo this afternoon at 2. Check. CrossFit at 5. Check. Study with Pedro and Karol at 8. They’re coming here instead, since he’ll get off work late. Stay tuned. Writing, in Portuguese and English, and other items done in between, including my FMag article for today.

Good writer, good thinker

I have seen good writers who were not good thinkers, and good thinkers who were not good writers. Precious few are both good writers and good thinkers.

7points: Is the Pope right?

1. Some days are more productive than others. Takeaway lesson: You never know what day will turn out to be productive. Slog through and discover. 2. Some people linger for months or years before death. Still, God’s saints who value life care for them with love. We’re seeing it happen now, again. 3. Finished writing … Read More