God keeps us from wreckage

Don’t know the author of the quote, but I feel what he says.

“Through all of the brokenness and weariness that wears and tears on the human heart, the love of God keeps us from wreckage. The ship may rock heavy against the tide, but Hallelujah, He remains in control and we remain in Him, protected, directed, whole.” —M.H. Nichols

Along these lines, read my poem, THE LONGER ON EARTH.

We must not hide in solitude

Ed M. nails it again:

Why escape to the desert? Why grow “weary in doing good?” Galatians 6:9. Our feeble thoughts and listless tones expose our hopeless hearts. We should not give up. We must not hide in solitude. We were called to deliver the invitation of God on the “street corners” of life, Matthew 22:1-10. The Lord is telling us “to go back the way we came,” to renew our commitment, to get involved again.

Focus question: When do I feel most weary and discouraged? How do I react?