A lifetime to learn

“Job came to the same conclusion that all of God’s mature followers learn: God is great, and we are weak. Sometimes this lesson takes a lifetime to learn. Only then can God’s followers be used and blessed by Him in ways they never dreamed.” —Sherry Kughn, Heart Tree for Empty Nesters, 138

The great issue of the day

God calls the weak in order to demonstrate his power. He does not, yea, cannot, use those who believe all is done with their own resources and efforts. Like Joshua at Ai, he will work so that the victory is obviously his. His is the glory. God creates situations and uses those chance moments that … Read More

Teddlie lyric

By Tillit S. Teddlie, a song lyric I was not familiar with: Hear me when I call, O God of righteousness; Unto Thee I come in weakness and distress; Hold my trembling hand, let helpless I should fall, O hear me, Lord, hear me, O hear me when I call. From Ruby Ramsey’s Daily Dose … Read More

A Stronger Wine

From loneliness, fear, and pain we flee, We seek a stronger wine; Our weakness hides in the deepest sea, Where never the sun will shine.

Work that bears fruit

Dear Father in heaven, give us childlike hearts so that we may understand everything in the right way. Grant us work that bears fruit in spite of our faults and weaknesses, because we want to work with the understanding given by love. Father in heaven, you know that we are faced day and night with … Read More