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Life is what you make it, they say. And Twitter is who you follow. And who Twitter allows to tweet. Or not.

Twitter’s list feature allows you to assign feeds to specific groups. I have a friends list. On Saturday afternoon and night, this list is almost exclusively about sports. Do I need new friends?

I’m not among Twitter’s chosen few, with 280 characters. No matter. I’m doing my microblogging elsewhere. (Sticking out tongue.)

Twitter suspended an account of somebody I know, close to me. A religious account. No notice, no word, nothing. A most inoffensive account. If you don’t own it, you’re at somebody else’s mercy.

Gave in to the Jetpack experience. Was getting lonely in space, and plugins didn’t seem to provide any relief, only increased grief. Now friends can find me.

First assumption one should make on reading tweets on the birdsite: expect sarcasm and irony, rather than straight affirmations and sincere declarations.


The idea is not to have any posts, with titles, and text with a sustained arguments or line of thinking. Microblog. Flashes of thought (I’ll not be so bold as to say insight.) No fancy formatting. Just quick items, Twitter-like, which I’ve missed. My own little spot, too, where I’m not worried about impressions made upon those on the outside. So here we are. Now back to normal crackling.

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