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Pleasure to Buy

Read Proverbs 23.23 What pleasure we feel to buy a Product β€” something new! It’s luster catches the eye, be it car or shoe. The Truth is new each day, it grows in power and light. Refuse to throw it away, but keep it in your sight.

πŸ“… 28 April, 2020 | Scritto da

Nothing ever the same again

You know this is the way you ought to go. You’ve seen the truth of it. You’re convinced. But you have no idea where this may lead. You want to follow it, but your head hasn’t quite gotten around this new discovery. Maybe even fear is forming, because it upturns everything you ever believed, but […]

πŸ“… 21 October, 2019 | Scritto da


On Reddit my posts are rarely noted, often ignored. Recently, two posts got downvoted. Titles? Jesus is the way The glory of the church Not surprised. One, absolute truth is not acceptable today in most circles. Two, egotism is today’s standard.

πŸ“… 19 April, 2019 | Scritto da

Lasting versus cheap

A man may sacrifice the lasting things for the cheap things. It is always easier to have a cheap success. An author may sacrifice that which would be really great for the cheap success of a moment. A musician may produce ephemeral trifles when he might be producing something real and lasting. A man may […]

πŸ“… 20 August, 2018 | Scritto da

We cannot all please God

There are hundreds of denominations/sects out there all contradicting each other. It’s impossible for them all to be right. We cannot all be on different roads going to the same place. We cannot all be pleasing God if we decide opposing things please him. We can never rely on what someone else says just because […]

πŸ“… 21 July, 2018 | Scritto da

An earthly-society church

The writer has it right: A church relying on human wisdom, wealth or resources ceases to be the body of Christ and becomes an earthly society. Ironically the writer belonged to a denomination that had no existence in the New Testament and no basis for its doctrine in Scripture. Let us not be self-deceived. Among […]

πŸ“… 15 May, 2018 | Scritto da

Always troubling developments

In his devotional for Jan. 2, Ed Mathews reminds us of how things work in God’s kingdom: An uncommon control. Delays, setbacks, and detours are routine in the affairs of the kingdom. Yet His cause will succeed, His Church will endure, Matthew 16:18. God knows our struggles. He cares for our situation. His plan will […]

πŸ“… 2 January, 2018 | Scritto da

Where is fullness found?

This saddens the reader who finds his fullness in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the word well communicated in any number of Bible versions: She began to read different bible versions, but was not satisfied until she discovered William Tyndale’s New Testament. She knew she had found the fullness of truth in this work. […]

πŸ“… 27 November, 2017 | Scritto da

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