Nothing ever the same again

You know this is the way you ought to go. You’ve seen the truth of it. You’re convinced. But you have no idea where this may lead. You want to follow it, but your head hasn’t quite gotten around this new discovery. Maybe even fear is forming, because it upturns everything you ever believed, but it hasn’t actually formed the bud, much less the flower. It almost seems too good to be true. All you know is, nothing will ever be the same again.


On Reddit my posts are rarely noted, often ignored. Recently, two posts got downvoted. Titles?

  • Jesus is the way

  • The glory of the church

Not surprised. One, absolute truth is not acceptable today in most circles. Two, egotism is today’s standard.

Lasting versus cheap

A man may sacrifice the lasting things for the cheap things. It is always easier to have a cheap success. An author may sacrifice that which would be really great for the cheap success of a moment. A musician may produce ephemeral trifles when he might be producing something real and lasting. A man may choose a job which will bring him more money and more comfort, and turn his back on one where he could render more service to his fellow-men. A man may spend his life in little things and let the big things go. A woman may prefer a life of pleasure and of so-called freedom to the service of her home and the upbringing of a family.

But life has a way of revealing the true values and condemning the false as the years pass on. A cheap thing never lasts.

William Barclay, on Mark 11.37 (seen first in my printed volume)

And a church may sacrifice the truth of the gospel for theatrics and emotion, in order to promote numerical growth. But in time God will reveal the shallowness and futility of such an approach.