Destination of a long journey reached. Needed: rest, food, bath. So have travelers in all eras required after a trek, be it on foot, by Roman cargo ship, by carriage, or by a metal tube hurtling through the skies.

The Lord answered prayer for safe travels and, above and beyond, removed a traveler from our three-seat section so that the Missus and I had some extra space.

On arrival, a beautiful study Bible awaited me, gracious gift from a good friend. Did son and family get neglected for a few minutes while said Scripture got examined with care? The debate is open.

We are home, after unhappy adventures with AeroMexico. We’ll not likely try them again, even though they were cheap. So glad to be home, after happy time with family and friends in US. I walked in the door and proclaimed that I’d never leave again. But let me get a good night’s sleep. …