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Doesn’t seem so long ago …

This was in front of their house. Had quite the conversation about “chillin'” on a social media site with a friend or two.

God gives you night and day, O Soul. He grants you rest at night. By day, he gives you a mind that seeks purpose and a body that lives to move. Thank the Lord for his wisdom. Respect his divine cycles for your life. Find him in the day, as you fulfill your obligations, and in the night, upon your bed. Meditate on his goodness. Let his Word enliven you. Pray at every moment. Ask to glorify him. Know what hour is now yours.

Here’s the tag for Christmas on my blog. See what got wrote and pics posted over the past few years. Am I Scrooge or what?

No Scrooge here — I like the tree and presents,
The table of food, and family, the tender feeling,
Reminders of divine and daily blessing,
The words of friends, and time for thought and healing.

Our time changed this morning. We didn’t know it, so good thing we didn’t have a commitment early today. Heard the Brazil gov almost did away with DST. Almost. Worst idea B. Franklin ever had, to tinker with the hours.

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