1. They say Brazil cranks up the new year only after Carnaval (usually in Feb.). This year, that describes me, almost.

  2. Making transition from Joplin app to Zettlr, I think. And finding that TiddlyWiki may be getting more complicated than I can handle.

  3. What did ancient man, say in the 1980s, do without our gadgets and apps and webs and nets? App stores are like cereal aisles in the grocery store.

  4. The online hymnal got released officially yesterday. May it be useful.

  5. First-time visitor last Sunday. Those are more rare than usual, but not completely extinct. No mask either.

  6. An original verse: Fret not your soul when man insists on evil, / The world has always been in hard upheaval.

  7. A Bible verse: “See that no one pays back evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good for one another and for all.” 1 Thessalonians 5.15 NET.

Some decisions made so far this year:

  • Use a real Bullet Journal. Last year, for lack of option, I used a regular agenda and tried to make it into a BuJo. It worked fair to middling.
  • Read Ed Mathews “Plow New Ground” for my daily devotionals.
  • Keep using my old TiddlyWiki for digital notes, prayers, ideas, and articles, rather than starting with a new one.
  • Started a list of books to read. Am reading the first on the list.
  • Preach a series on “What We Know” to start out the year.
  • Make 2018 the year of the Holy Spirit.

There’ll be more decisions to come soon.

#1. Demanding workout in CrossFit today, but I survived. Just feel those bulging muscles.

#2. Sat. class for young people in São Paulo is arriving fast, did more on my notes today. Topic: How to live wisely.

#3. DD arrives Sat. morning to spend holidays with us. Looking forward to her coming. She says she’s going with us to youth class. We’ll see.

#4. Experimented with a new devotional/meditation format using TiddlyWiki. If I can get the technical part down …

#5. Sunday comes holiday cookout with Urbanova folk. Not at our place. Relief!

#6. Original verse:

The burger place’s name contains profanity,
A joint for beer, disdain for good society.

#7. A Bible verse: “Faithfulness grows from the ground, and deliverance looks down from the sky” Psa 85.11.