Hardened rebels acting corruptly

Reading today Ed M.’s devotional based on Jer 6.27, one finds much to identify with.

The prophet tested Judah. He found them to be “hardened rebels” who acted “corruptly,” Jeremiah 6:28; cf. Isaiah 1:23. They rejected Jehovah. So Jehovah “rejected them,” Jeremiah 6:30.

Focus question: What motivates your service to God? Recognition? Material reward? Physical comfort? Approval of men? Or approval of God?

Always troubling developments

In his devotional for Jan. 2, Ed Mathews reminds us of how things work in God’s kingdom:

An uncommon control. Delays, setbacks, and detours are routine in the affairs of the kingdom. Yet His cause will succeed, His Church will endure, Matthew 16:18. God knows our struggles. He cares for our situation. His plan will not fail, Joshua 21:45; 23:14; Nehemiah 9:7,8. There will always be troubling developments. Our faith will be tested. Our souls will be tried. But God is “faithful,” I Corinthians 1:9. He did not leave His Son in the grave. Neither will He abandon His people, Psalms 16:7-11.

Let’s ask God to help us be faithful in the midst of testing and troubles.

Focus question: What false hopes or unrealistic expectations cause me to be discouraged? What biblical truths will carry us through these?