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The wife speaks at a ladies event tomorrow, and I thought I was just the driver. Looks like I’ll wind up doing a class for some men. Thought I was going to get off this weekend. We’ll enjoy it, however.

This picture (screen capture) makes me laugh. I paused a video of my teaching and this was it.

Men’s training this afternoon focused on Genesis, God’s eternal plan, the power of his word, man going from bad to worse, necessity of obedience, the book as the basis and beginning of everything. Lots covered!

Tomorrow is a holiday here, so lots of people will take a long weekend. Not many at our Bible reading tonight.

Good study tonight at Pedro and Karol’s as we started new-convert studies with them, reviewing what they just did in obedience to the Lord. They live in the northern zone of the city, the firstfruits of that region.

First, a meat pie to give strength. Then, in a bit, time to head to the house of the couple that was immersed last week.

Left at 7.30 am to preach and teach in Pimentas this morning, an hour away from here, on authority and worship. Always good to be with those faithful people. Lunch with Valdir, then back to building to meet with some men from the Vila Maria congregation about ministry. Got home after 5 pm. Ready for our meeting at 7.30 pm.


Just spent an hour and a half with Pedro, before he went in to work, on some subjects he has heard religious people insist on. Very positive and profitable time.


Missus traveled to São Paulo by bus Friday, where Valeria picked her up and they went by car to Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, about a 6 hr drive. Some 70-75 women attended that congregation's annual event. Vicki, Valeria, and Cibele, from Ribeirão Preto, spoke. Theme: humility. Vicki got back to the SJCampos bus station shortly before 7 pm Sun., so she was present for our Urbanova meet.



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