In the End

The eloquent pain of righteous, suffering Job,
Wrapped around him as a regal robe;
He, full of questions for a silent Sovereign,
Berated his talkative friends who saw him as fallen.

The Lord has reasons we know nothing of,
But we may be assured that we’re beloved;
To Job only in the end was it revealed
That God was perfect Savior and buffering Shield.

God too big

A man and his wife lost their three-year-old daughter to cancer. He shared his experience and said that people who expected God to do miracles at their behest had a God that was too big.

God’s work in the world is not to perform miracles, but to draw us close to him, to walk with his children in their trails and sufferings, that they might grow in faith and know him better.

The more we are jarred and shaken

Last night, before our 10 pm study at the gym, the owner (also our neighbor) shook his phone as he made a comment and his light (for unlocking doors and such I guess) came on. Made me think that the more we are jarred and shaken in this broken world, the more we will shine.