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Twitter’s list feature allows you to assign feeds to specific groups. I have a friends list. On Saturday afternoon and night, this list is almost exclusively about sports. Do I need new friends?

My friends need to get interested in Hubzilla. Yet another reason: I’m ramping up my use of it.

  • Crazy levels of privacy, when needed. (I got posts you can’t see, only members of my private groups.)
  • Nomadic identity, so that you never need lose your stuff.
  • Distributed, so that you’re not captive to a walled-garden site, no fear of your channel getting blocked or deleted.
  • Federated, so you can join any Hubzilla site (or install your own) and still connect with people scattered around the net.
  • Fine-grained options for sharing posts, files, photos, videos.
  • No ads, not for profit, no data collection.

What’s not to like? You can even choose the hub you want to join.

My Forthright article today. You already know the answer, right? But here’s why.

Can Facebook replace the church?

Can Facebook replace the church?

Cleaning up Twitter feed, unfollowing not a few accounts. Case of less being more.

FB now data-mines 2 billion people. If that’s not scary, nothing is.

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