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Saturday night seems to be dead time for much of social media. But how can that be if the world is under lockdown? Of course, I don’t haunt the big-tech spots anymore. Maybe that’s where the exposed masses are. No regrets, here. Did I tell you that I closed a couple of social-media accounts? Got […]

📅 20 June, 2020 | Scritto da


“Yet Another Social Media Gripe.” Closed down a couple of social media accounts. These things keep popping up like weeds, and I have to whack them down. FB was deleted some weeks ago, finally. Now I’m in the mood. Should I have as a goal to remove all social media? Should I make this site […]

📅 19 June, 2020 | Scritto da


Tiresome reading rants and raves Of people I don’t know; People bellowing from their caves, And others eating crow. So why not stay within my lair, Alone, with none to bother? I’d much prefer not having to hear My own despairing blather.

📅 11 June, 2020 | Scritto da

Another thing to do during social distancing

Swap poetry. This little piece below was written in an exchange of short poems on alternative social media. (Come join me. It’s much more than poetry.) Meter and, maybe, a bit o’ rhyme, Will help us occupy our time, Enjoy each other’s company, Engage in fun and frippery.

📅 27 March, 2020 | Scritto da


Here’s my introduction to an alternative social media account: #Introduction I live for #Christ. I adhere to one standard: Holy #Scripture. I refuse to speak of anything but, to go beyond. Religion belongs to man; the new covenant of Christ is given by #God and must be received as given. This is my work. #Jesus […]

📅 29 June, 2019 | Scritto da

Why not shut down all social media accounts?

Why not shut down all social media accounts and go only with online presence via websites? The thought pummels the mind, dares the will to decide. The act would achieve simplicity in this area. There are people who have done this and survived. Would it hurt outreach, or focus it? Maybe consider starting a webring. […]

📅 16 June, 2019 | Scritto da

Need new friends?

Twitter’s list feature allows you to assign feeds to specific groups. I have a friends list. On Saturday afternoon and night, this list is almost exclusively about sports. Do I need new friends?

📅 10 December, 2017 | Scritto da

Come on in, the water’s blue and private and quiet

My friends need to get interested in Hubzilla. Yet another reason: I’m ramping up my use of it. Crazy levels of privacy, when needed. (I got posts you can’t see, only members of my private groups.) Nomadic identity, so that you never need lose your stuff. Distributed, so that you’re not captive to a walled-garden […]

📅 26 November, 2017 | Scritto da

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