Here’s my introduction to an alternative social media account:


I live for . I adhere to one standard: Holy . I refuse to speak of anything but, to go beyond. Religion belongs to man; the new covenant of Christ is given by and must be received as given. This is my work.

#Jesus #Christianity #NewTestament #newbirth

I’ve had this account for a while, but the owner of the instance requested we provide introductions, since apparently quite a few new people have joined it. You can, too. See link above.

Why not shut down all social media accounts?

Why not shut down all social media accounts and go only with online presence via websites? The thought pummels the mind, dares the will to decide. The act would achieve simplicity in this area. There are people who have done this and survived. Would it hurt outreach, or focus it? Maybe consider starting a webring. There’s an open-source option. Would have to find someone who knows how to use the command line in order to do it. Some days you just want to get away from it all.