A Single Eye

I pray that darkness may not rule my sight, That worldly wealth not govern nor delight: A single eye to see a single thing, A single heart that serves a single King.

Why not shut down all social media accounts?

Why not shut down all social media accounts and go only with online presence via websites? The thought pummels the mind, dares the will to decide. The act would achieve simplicity in this area. There are people who have done this and survived. Would it hurt outreach, or focus it? Maybe consider starting a webring. … Read More

Too deep for me

Here’s one for you: A course on “Centering Prayer as Purification, Illumination, Union.” “we will focus on how the practice of Centering Prayer serves as a doorway into a process that involves a downward movement into one’s inmost being to what’s blocking the free flow of grace and a rising movement of the influence of … Read More

A simple process

When the simple life of the gospel is preserved and kept from getting complicated, the work of entrusting the sacred testimony to faithful men continues to be a simple process. “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also” … Read More

String-on sentences and a better risk

I just realized why I seldom finish prayers written on a website I follow. The author often has many good thoughts, but I seem to get lost in the prayer. My mind wanders away, so that I don’t finish reading the post. I noticed that he has run-on sentences. He often fails to punctuate them … Read More

Wear the same thing every day I’m ready…

Wear the same thing every day? I’m ready to try it. A friend does it. The question is what to pick out as my standard shirt and pants. http://gospelsnippets.blogspot.com/2017/06/simplifying-our-lives.html