No Extra Time

I wish I had the extra time
That other people waste,
What I could do with all those hours:
Effectiveness increased!

But I do not! I have my own,
I have the present moment.
To make the best of what I have,
I am my own opponent.

Duped into thinking well of self

Ed M. uses Proverbs 21.2 for his devotional text today.

It is really amazing how people are duped into thinking well of themselves. What they ought to know best they actually know least. They assume they are right when they are wrong. They imagine themselves to be doing the will of the Lord while in fact they are injuring His cause. Is this not true of those who crucified the Christ? Luke 23:34a. Is it not true of Saul when he persecuted the Church? I Timothy 1:12,13. Is it not true of people throughout history who pressed their opinions at the expense of others?

Socrates’s word to “know yourself” isn’t as easy as it appears. But God knows our heart. Let him do his work in our inner person.

Focus question: What are my blind spots? How can I identify them?

Place every need within God’s hand

O Soul, do not trust in self. You do not have the strength nor wisdom. You cannot know yourself. Your heart is deceitful, even to yourself. From the heart rise evil thoughts. Sin lurks ever near the surface. The father of lies controls this world and the hearts of men. Trust in the Lord. Forsake your self-confidence to seek his power and truth. Call every day upon him. Let him see your tears. Let him hear your pleas. Confess your weakness. Admit your ignorance. Place every need within his hand. He will care for you. Obey the Lord, and he will give you peace and love.