Duped into thinking well of self

Ed M. uses Proverbs 21.2 for his devotional text today.

It is really amazing how people are duped into thinking well of themselves. What they ought to know best they actually know least. They assume they are right when they are wrong. They imagine themselves to be doing the will of the Lord while in fact they are injuring His cause. Is this not true of those who crucified the Christ? Luke 23:34a. Is it not true of Saul when he persecuted the Church? I Timothy 1:12,13. Is it not true of people throughout history who pressed their opinions at the expense of others?

Socrates’s word to “know yourself” isn’t as easy as it appears. But God knows our heart. Let him do his work in our inner person.

Focus question: What are my blind spots? How can I identify them?

Good to be grounded

Read all of Ron’s post:

I am grateful to the Lord, as I mentioned a moment ago, for the responsibility placed on me. It is my prayer He is pleased with what I am doing. I am grateful He has given me the ability to write, to think quickly and deeply, to challenge error, but to do so with compassion, understanding and without a threatening disposition. I am grateful to the Lord for a thick-skin. Time and again people try to penetrate, but I know my standing in the Lord’s presence. I know my strengths, and I know my weaknesses. I know what is true about me, and I know what is false about those things said concerning me. For me to be offended, as one sister said, one would need to use a two-by-four against me. I refuse to be troubled by that which is not the truth. In fact, it is only truth that I want to penetrate, and especially the Lord’s truth.