What self-control means

In his devotional today, Ed chose as his text 1 Pet 1.13. He focuses on self-control, hope, and holiness.

Exercise self-control. The word “self-control” can also mean “careful,” Luke 21:34, “alert,” I Thessalonians 5:6, or “clear minded,” I Peter 4:7. It refers to steady, sound judgment. A believer must not be carried away by appeals to emotion, infatuated by the latest religious fads. Saints must maintain a settled expression of their faith, II Thessalonians 2:1,2.

Self-control means mind over body, thought over emotion, spirit over flesh.

Focus question: What emotional appeals in religion or other areas most appeal to me? Why is that? How can I maintain a settled expression of my faith?

Self control anyone It’s not a certain feature…

Self-control. anyone?

> It’s not a certain feature that they get wrong, it’s that people use their iPhones way too much. In other words, if you’re always holding your iPhone in your hand browsing the web, scrolling on Facebook, texting, or taking photos, you’re using it wrong.

> “I think perhaps constant use,” Ive responded when asked about how Apple buyers misuse their iPhones. “This isn’t a new phenomenon that we have to exercise a modicum of self-control to find the right balance.”