The knowledge that God shares with you

Man’s idea of what works differs greatly from God’s plan. Whether in personal life, the work of the church, or professional success, man creates all sorts of strategies. He imagines new paths to reach his goals. He lists every resource to which he might have access. God is wise, however. He knows what works, for he created us and revealed his way so that we might follow it and find joy in his wisdom. Do not be deceived, O Soul, by the intricacies and complexities of human ingenuity. Be absorbed with the simplicity of God’s plan. Be amazed at the knowledge that God shares with you. Be grateful that he has put into your hands all the keys to eternal life and to the blessings of his kingdom.

Resources don’t lack, ever

Mike Brooks writes, “Our inclination is often to list all of the resources which we think we must have for a given task and then to postpone the beginning of our work until they are all obtained. Such thinking causes many urgent tasks to go undone.”

True, this. Often, such an attitude manifests itself because saints have an institutional approach, rather than a personal one. We’re so influenced by denominationalism still, we’ve no idea. Buildings, clergy, schools, names, foundations and organizations. It’s called infrastructure, and we don’t think we can make a move without it.