Start again with a clean slate

Begin every day, O Soul, with new thoughts, motives, and love. God renews his mercies every morning. Arise from bed with new determination. Get up with new purpose. Declare forgiveness to self and others. Start again with a clean slate. God will give this to you, if you but ask. Make every day a new year, so to speak. You can restart at any time, morning, noon, or night. Your heart and mind can do a reset right now. You may need to repent to do this. You will certainly need prayer. Reading the Word will redirect and empower you, as you get away from influences of the world and the flesh. Start now!

Stand still long enough

Taking John 4.6 as his cue, Ed M. today focuses on the renewal that God brings to the tired.

When circumstances drain our vitality, God steps in to renew our vigor. He steps in if we take a time out, if we stand still long enough to receive His empowering help. The key is in the waiting, Psalms 40:1. His strength comes at the right moment. When we cast our burdens on Him, He will carry them for us, I Peter 5:7.

Focus question: How does my haste frustrate God’s refreshment? What can I do to wait on him? In what ways can I slow down enough to permit God to help me?