A touching scene

Pedro baptized his mother this morning in a touching scene. And in chilling water. Thomas Olbricht passed away last Friday. I took his courses on OT and NT religious teachings, today called “theology.” They were good. Today I finished Stan Mitchell’s book, The wise get wiser, the foolish more foolish (Choate 2002). A fine work … Read More

7P: Two types of reading

Finally, a quite good hot chocolate mix, homemade, for the lactose intolerant. Don’t ask me for the recipe, it was a gift to DD. Some reading inspires thoughts to be jotted down and pursued; other reading captivates the mind and refuses to let go. Suddenly, book reviews and recommendations are surfacing that makes me want … Read More

In our reading group we’re doing a series…

In our reading group, we’re doing a series I call “Impressive chapters of the Bible.” The chapters I choose are somewhat arbitrary, of course. Since we’re traveling next week, I have two more weeks, and will wind down the series. So tonight, it’s 1 John 4: http://esv.literalword.com/?q=1%20jn%204

Was asked to recommend books on personal development. I’ve come up with a short list. What would you suggest? Please reply in comments below.