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For all the suffering, pain, and wrong,
today is yours, O Lord, and mine;
I will rejoice in prayer and song
and make my will with yours align.

The healing, saving, loving touch
Of Jesus finally came to me;
With great forgiveness, loving much,
I wash his feet, tenderly.


The truth lies dormant, without result,
Though well exposed for all to see,
Until a seeker comes to consult
And before it bows in humility.


We'll say, to a man, in heaven, when we arrive:
“So this is what it means to be alive!
On earth little was truly what it seemed,
But here, like this—such bliss—I never dreamed!”


A trinity of thought plus one
the quatrain—fourfold shot of gun—
more truth to tell the couplet doubled,
but still by tiresome length untroubled.

Buyer beware! You do not always get
The thing you pay for—later you may regret
The price you gave—the product advertised
Delivered in pretty packaging, well disguised.



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