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To nourish and gladden the heart, my daily food,
And clothes to cover the body, protective roof,
Productive work, the blessing of friends and children,
A faithful Savior for this world and the next.

Let us end our days as strong
as we began, and finish in peace,
With thanks and joy, with hearty song,
Glad to reach our sweet release.

To do the work of God, he was able,
He read and daily studied his Bible;
Of Satan’s darts he was not afraid,
The Lord’s servant fervently prayed.

The mind wields frightful power:
The path of thoughts determines
A person’s course and health
And eternal destiny.

In Jesus Christ are gathered all God’s plans,
His abundant blessings, the glorious work of his hands;
To enter and remain in him is my goal,
To finally reach the salvation of my soul.

The world is but a warped illusion,
A circus mirror of perfect temptation,
Offering death with a friendly smile,
The image of God twisted and hostile.

To call upon God’s holy name,
words alone do not suffice;
To follow Jesus, pay the price—
accept the Lord’s exclusive claim.


The apostle’s list is long of the Spirit’s fruit,
With love and peace and joy its strongest suit,
But all from a single cloth; under his control
He brings a transformation of the soul.

Soreness, burns, and bruises belong
to athletes pushing their bodies' limits,
beginners insisting on going it alone,
and fools who are bent on chasing rabbits.


Of love we say too little, do we not?
And less we act from love with a neighbor near;
We nurse our irritations, God’s grace forgot,
Our deeds unfeeling and cold, our words severe.

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