Take seriously your purpose

While you are enjoying God’s good blessings, take seriously your purpose here on earth. Renew it every morning. Review it in the evenings. Cite it out loud as often as possible. Rehearse it in your heart. Do not lose sight of why God put you here. Formulate it in your own words or, even better, … Read More

Your calling remains

O Soul, if your heart is discontent, nowhere will you be content. You can change jobs. You can change your surroundings. You can move to a different location. You might even go to another congregation. But your inner self must discover its God and its gift. Your calling remains, even when you ignore it. Inside, … Read More

Your impatience places God within your limits

The purpose of God, O Soul, goes forward in his time, among the peoples of the world. The Lord pursues his goal. His timing is not yours. Your impatience places God within your limits. He will see his will through to the end. He will accomplish his plan. Your present discomfort does not go unnoticed. … Read More