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In his last paragraph of today's devotional, Ed Mathews wrote about Ezekiel's commission, using Ezek 2.5 as his main text:

"This passage has a special significance for ministers of the word. It shows them the rigors of their appointment, the boundaries of their task, and the source of their strength. It warns them against altering the message. It clarifies the purpose of their actions, Ezekiel 2:5. It validates the reason for being faithful to the end, II Corinthians 2:14-16."

Focus question: How much does numerical success motivate my service in the Word, rather than faithfulness to the task?


The OT prophets have been calling for attention lately, again. Their vigor rouses the soul. Their denunciations make the ears blush. The tender calls to return to the Lord soften the heart. Their reminders that actions bring certain and determined consequences leave no wiggle room. Their imperatives push us toward the holiness of God.

They were outdated, in the minds of the first hearers, on the day their messages were uttered. They continue to sound outdated today, in a jaded and licentious society. But now, as then, they have never been more needed. Attention to their message will avert disaster. Will we hear? Will I? Will you?