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7P: Travel, elections, and pizza

Brazil’s presidential election is tomorrow, so there’ll be much movement in the streets as people go to their obligatory vote. Hopefully, no violence. Kavanaugh is now on the U.S. Supreme Court. Let justice prevail. Missus and I arrived home today. Stay tuned for a short presentation of our time in the U.S. No food in […]

📅 6 October, 2018 | Scritto da

Surprised none of our colleges showed up on…

Surprised none of our colleges showed up on this list: The Results are In! This College has the Most Conservative Student Body in America

📅 5 August, 2017 | Scritto da

The number of people I see on alternative social media sites ready to oppress conservatives is shocking. There seems to be no middle ground for irenic public discourse. But this seems to be a staple for socialists and communists.

📅 9 June, 2017 | Scritto da

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