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The difficult day we deem a total waste
The sovereign Lord still blessed and used and graced.

Will you see me,
hiding under the bed
in fear of rejection,
when all I wanted
was your looking me
in the eye, smiling
upon my existence,
a tender touch of my face,
a word of kindness?

The child still hides
within the adult breast.

To each his own, and mine
is this: a space for words,
the quiet of thought, a line
to order the power of swords.

The weighing of the day,
A swish of coconut,
The sizing of the world,
A prayer for salvation.

North I go, like Irma,
But quiet, unknown, unmapped,
For life and family,
Not blindly for destruction.

To see what you can do with me,
To know what I can soon become,
I seek, O Lord, the fullest sum;
I ask your grace to do and be.

Mind and body need control,
Potential requires the whip;
The might of God must power the soul,
And close the moving lip.

To do the work of God, he was able,
He read and daily studied his Bible;
Of Satan’s darts he was not afraid,
The Lord’s servant fervently prayed.

The mind wields frightful power:
The path of thoughts determines
A person’s course and health
And eternal destiny.

For a time, couplets were my thing. Recently, the muse settled upon the shoulders to write quatrains (single stanzas with four lines). There seems to be no rational explanation for it. It is what it is. Accept and write.

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