Be at peace

A devotional by F.B. Meyer, in bold what caught my eye:

A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven – John 3:27

After six months of marvellous ministry, in which the Baptist had seen the whole land at his feet, had gathered a band of disciples, and introduced the Messiah to the Jewish people, he found the crowds dwindling. His disciples viewed with feelings of chagrin the transference of popular interest from their master to Him of whom he had borne witness.

What John the Baptist meant by it. – He realized that the crowds, the hushed attention, the swift response, the power of speech, the message, the deep repentance, the office of morning star heralding the Dayspring from on high, had been the gift of God. He had nothing which he had not received; he would have received nothing, except God had given it to him. Whether these things went or came was a matter altogether beyond his control. His part was to receive and use what God gave; and then return to Him, at His bidding, the saved talent. This forbade alike pride and despondency.

What we may learn by it. – Humility and peace. Humility. Is this the time of your prosperity? Crowds wait on your words; mighty movements circle around you; glorious results follow on your plans! Do not be puffed up. Boast not yourself. “Who maketh thee to differ? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? but if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?” Peace. If it is not due to your lethargy or sloth that the crowds have ebbed away, and that the tide of conversions has dropped below its former level, be at peace. These are things which the Holy Spirit worketh, dividing to each one severally even as He will.

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Cultivate his peace within you

O Soul, welcome peace into your heart. With Christ comes unassailable peace. When he lives within you, he brings such peace as the world does not know. Sufferings cannot budge it. Circumstances are unable to quench it. Rocky relationships have no power to dislodge it. On the contrary, from your peace, you can face all these and bring them to resolution. You agonize over the prevailing sin and the sharp conflicts that reign among men. All this drives your peace outward, to be shared. Your peace desires to envelop every soul with the life of Christ, that all may know him and what he offers. So cultivate his peace within you. Take time with your Lord. Listen to his comforting Word. Cooperate with his Spirit. Know God, and go in peace.

Helpless before the forces at work in the world

Do not believe that your life is in the hands of men. It may seem like our well-being depends upon governments and businesses. You might feel helpless before the forces at work in the world. There seem to be plenty of people working against the gospel and the truth, without inventing wild conspiracies. Do not despair! If you follow Christ, O Soul, your life is in God’s hands. He is sovereign. He has control over every government and every power. Nothing can withstand his will. He moves forward with his plan, and no one can stop him. Rest in his omnipotence. Find peace in his governance. Your hope is in his word of might.