Cultivate his peace within you

O Soul, welcome peace into your heart. With Christ comes unassailable peace. When he lives within you, he brings such peace as the world does not know. Sufferings cannot budge it. Circumstances are unable to quench it. Rocky relationships have no power to dislodge it. On the contrary, from your peace, you can face all these and bring them to resolution. You agonize over the prevailing sin and the sharp conflicts that reign among men. All this drives your peace outward, to be shared. Your peace desires to envelop every soul with the life of Christ, that all may know him and what he offers. So cultivate his peace within you. Take time with your Lord. Listen to his comforting Word. Cooperate with his Spirit. Know God, and go in peace.

Helpless before the forces at work in the world

Do not believe that your life is in the hands of men. It may seem like our well-being depends upon governments and businesses. You might feel helpless before the forces at work in the world. There seem to be plenty of people working against the gospel and the truth, without inventing wild conspiracies. Do not despair! If you follow Christ, O Soul, your life is in God’s hands. He is sovereign. He has control over every government and every power. Nothing can withstand his will. He moves forward with his plan, and no one can stop him. Rest in his omnipotence. Find peace in his governance. Your hope is in his word of might.

Varying amounts of grace and peace?

D. Whitehead comments on 2 Pet 1.2:

It seems that the amount of grace and peace that floods our heart is directly related to the knowledge of God and specifically of Jesus Christ. Our minds don’t naturally gravitate toward grace and peace—we keep trying to prove ourselves, resulting in stress and condemnation. But the person who focuses on the Scripture everyday opens a portal of provision to their soul. The knowledge of God captures our wandering thoughts and the results are delightful.

At first thought, it seems strange to think of varying amounts of grace and peace in the heart. But if faith can grow, why not these? Their relation to the knowledge of God and of Christ is direct. So the first phrase is quite right.