O Soul, you are doing a great thing in your daily activities. You make God present in the mundane. You sanctify the routine of life. Each activity, no matter how small, no matter that it is unseen by others, becomes an act of joyful service and spiritual magnitude. So see in each moment and movement of life the Lord’s conveyance toward peace and communion with him. Let the famous have their statues. You have the pillar of God to illumine every hour of every day.

Feelings of sadness will surprise you on occasion. Some event may trigger them, or not — they may appear, apparently, for no reason. Physical tiredness or a period of intense serving or giving to others may cause them. Rest, physical exercise, and healthy foods may help you recover, but, above all, realize that God’s intent to bless you has not change. O Soul, your feelings are not an accurate gauge of reality. Penetrate the thick mud of melancholy to break through to the joy of the Holy Spirit. That joy holds your faith pointed along the route of the glory of God.

O Soul, plan for eventualities. In an instant, emergencies can happen. Be prepared for changes in your day and your life. Bring the grace and love of God to new circumstances. Accept what comes as a necessary step to using the moment for good. See where the flux of a situation can provide opportunity for service. Step forward in the breach of change. Show the way of faith to those who are caught in the doubt of tragedy. Assure yourself and others of God’s goodness, regardless of the suffering. Be the presence of God when others question it.

Make God the center of all you are, O Soul. Let every thought, word, motive, action, and feeling revolve around him. The knowledge of him is sufficient. His strength powers every movement. His goodness draws the lines between right and wrong, good and evil. His love defines and transforms by the gift of grace. God is truly great and unifies your existence. He bridges this life and the next. Seek him and seize upon the eternal life that he is. No decision that brings you closer to him will bring regret.

Cherish the good memories of your past and relish the positive moments you were provided along your pathway. Life is full of pain. Suffering, shame, and sadness punctuate the past of everyone. But let the love and laughter you have known dominate your thoughts. More than that, create such moments today. Transform whatever sore or shocking history that was yours into a new story of affection, blessing, and delight. The power to do this is in you, O Soul. God has given you his Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of truth and joy and peace. You can do this by turning your focus away from self toward God and those around you. There’s time enough to create a new narrative for yourself, in the path of Jesus Christ.

Dive to the greater depths, where flow the mercies of God unimpeded. O Soul, the surface is tossed and unstable. You were meant to live profoundly. Grapple with the great truths of Christ. Wrestle the angel of blessing to the ground. Stretch your spiritual muscles until they ache and throb. Dip your finger into the cold life-stream of the Holy Spirit. In the forge of faith are born the souls victorious. Be one of them. Press through in trust and hope. Refuse the lie of sight. To circumstance be blind, so that you may see the glorious light of heaven which bids you rise and gain the prize.

Wait upon God and see his salvation, O Soul! Do not outrun God. Do not try to take up the slack you think you perceive in the divine action. The Lord does not sleep nor let your need escape his attention. He sees you. He is working on more planes and in more ways than you can imagine. He weaves an intricate pattern, which you see only a fraction of. The great Deliverer cares for you, and he cares for every person. He works for the good of all. Your moment will arrive. He is right now preparing great things for you. Be patient. Trust in God. Know that he will answer. Stand still and watch for the hand of God to move the world and lift up your face.

O Soul, be saved in Christ by the grace of the God who desires your presence among his people. Understand what God has done in Christ to redeem you. Know what you must do to free yourself from sin. Enter the way of Christ by the word of God and stay in this way forever. The Holy Spirit will wash you clean and keep you free from falling. Rejoice in this truth, together with all the saints who stand with you. Find this hope and surrender it not.

The purpose of God, O Soul, goes forward in his time, among the peoples of the world. The Lord pursues his goal. His timing is not yours. Your impatience places God within your limits. He will see his will through to the end. He will accomplish his plan. Your present discomfort does not go unnoticed. It serves God’s purpose. Learn and grow. Serve and watch. Pray to him who hears, and love as he loves.

God gives freely. He does not hold back. O Soul, you are called to be like God in this respect. Be generous. Remember that you have received in the word of life what is most precious of all. Share this word with everyone. You were given opportunity to know God by following Jesus. Do not hold back from extending it to others. “Freely you received, freely give” Mt 10.8.