In detail

Not many congregations exist today where Paul the missionary could do this kind of a report: When Paul had greeted them, he began to explain in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry, Acts 21.19. Granted, maybe a missionary or two could use some coaching on how to explain what God … Read More

Where do church buildings fit in?

Jerry Hill, on his perspective on church buildings and what they did in Guatemala: Where do church buildings fit in? They are not mentioned in the New Testament. With “all creation” as the goal, God’s army moved swiftly over the earth, leaving behind Christ’s church meeting in homes. Financial resources went to preaching and to … Read More

Preach and follow the leads

Jerry Hill, again, in his book about their work in Guatemala, which I’m enjoying: A chain of events like this begins with someone preaching the gospel. It is predictable that important reactions will occur. It is impossible to know what they will be, whom they will involve or where they may lead. The preacher will … Read More

Jerry Hill: sending nationals to train in the US

We haven’t learned this lesson yet. Actually, it’s ignored. There are unspiritual interests behind this practice that continue to harm the church. By that time, we had heard of others who had been sent to the U. S. to study who would not go back home. We began thinking that it was not a good … Read More

Preaching in Acts and today

Reading Jerry Hill’s book on their work in Guatemala. He wrote on page 23, That preaching [in the book of Acts] was not our Sunday morning and evening lecture to believers. We’re prone to interpret biblical activities by our present practices. The word preach is used in Spanish and English versions to relate how Philip … Read More

The work will probably die

I received a missions newsletter from a good brother working in a hard place. I’m in no position to evaluate his work. Each worker stands or falls before the Lord who is Judge of all. At the same time, I see comments like the following one repeatedly. This one was made after 25 years of … Read More