40 years full-time

Gasp! The site of a famous teacher I visited today touts his 40th year of ministry. Then I realized: This very month of October marks my 40th year of full-time service to the Lord, along with our 40th wedding anniversary back in August as well. Time flies when.

I started working with the Shiloh TN congregation, following Clyde Woods, who recommended me to them.

It’s a moment to pause and give thanks to God for his patience and mercy.

I started preaching regularly when I was 16, going out to Croft congregation every other week. I think that continued until I went to college. But we won’t count the suffering I inflicted upon those poor people.

Really essential to ministry?

The tweet from an official seminary account said: “Theological training is essential to gospel ministry.”

And I wrote that this was “One of the most self-centered, idiotic statements I’ve ever read.”

But one that too many of our brethren have come to believe.

I should stay off Twitter.

Professionalizing ministry

“Professionalizing the staff depersonalized the care.”

The above quote was said about mental health care in the 20th Century. The same can be said about ministry in the church. There is much that can be said biblically against clergyizing God’s servants. At the same time, in practical terms, when spiritual service becomes a career, the “care” of others, or dedication to the work of God, is redirected to furthering one’s prospects of professional development and monetary gain. It cannot otherwise be so. A whole industry arises to perpetuate the professional class and cater to their needs.