“Experiences result in greater mindfulness. In 2010, Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert published an important study in Science magazine. Their research concluded that ‘a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.’ And the greater a person’s ability to ‘stay present’ in a given moment, the greater happiness they experience during and after. Experiences provide greater opportunity in this regard.” —Josh Becker

Why Experiences Are Better Than Things

Burstow argumenta que “se 99% das pessoas no mundo não são consideradas ‘normais’, isso favorece a psiquiatria, porque isso dá a ela uma enorme clientela”.

Source: O conceito de doença mental é um mito, diz autora de estudo antipsiquiatria no Canadá – BBC Brasil

Psychiatry doesn’t consider 99% of people normal. So this gives them a huge clientele. Burstow questions “mental illness,” goes for anti-psychiatry. I’m with her.