Jesus was born to die

With joy the chorus we’ll repeat ‘Glory to God on high! Good-will and peace are now complete — Jesus was born to die.’ —A. Campbell’s hymnal, Psalm 5 I’ve used similar phrasing as the last line in the above stanza. What a wonderful truth it is, even though it sounds shocking.

All for Jesus

by Mary D. James All for Jesus, all for Jesus! All my being’s ransomed powers: All my thoughts and words and doings, All my days and all my hours. Let my hands perform His bidding, Let my feet run in His ways; Let my eyes see Jesus only, Let my lips speak forth His praise. … Read More

My Goal Is God Himself

By Frances Brook My goal is God Himself, not joy, nor peace, Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God; ’Tis His to lead me there—not mine, but His— At any cost, dear Lord, by any road. So faith bounds forward to its goal in God, And love can trust her Lord to lead her there; … Read More

Teddlie lyric

By Tillit S. Teddlie, a song lyric I was not familiar with: Hear me when I call, O God of righteousness; Unto Thee I come in weakness and distress; Hold my trembling hand, let helpless I should fall, O hear me, Lord, hear me, O hear me when I call. From Ruby Ramsey’s Daily Dose … Read More