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From Cory C.’s blog. Quite a worthy read.

This verse, two actually, came with a double wallop this morning. I even used the NET Bible translation to render it in Portuguese to share.

I don’t know anything about Monty Python (I know, my ignorance is showing), but this is a good illustration about how many approach God in prayer. It underlines the need to know from Scripture before we pray, and the priority of hearing God in Scripture before speaking to him in prayer.

If you look for positive, upbeat material, see Napoleon Hill’s “Thought for the Day.” I know I need all the help I can get. Hill uses general biblical principles.

Thank all of you who speak and write to encourage as well! Feel free to add your site or email list in the comments, with a short explanation of type of content.

Brother Greg Wanderman makes a great application.

It happens to every homeowner. Tucked in bed, sound asleep, and you hear a noise. You get up and look around, but don’t find anything. So you go back to bed. The next day, you discover a mess somewhere, and with an “Ugh,” head to get the broom.

Be careful how you build!

Can you pray this prayer? “The day when we live.”

The day when we live

Say amen at the end, if you can.

Prayer inspired by an article on Darth Vader. Great article, follow that link also. The author doesn’t touch on it, but it seems to me that what motivated Anakin is what some observers see as one of the great motivators of all time: fear of loss.

Darth Vader and me

After a long pause, a prayer (not that I haven’t been praying privately):

Never a glass half empty

Somebody used the phrase yet again. I was going to write my thought on it here, but it seemed to deserve to go to QBT:

When someone says, “It is…

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