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7P: On the lookout

1. Have looked a couple of times along streets between home and the office for possible rental options. It won’t be an easy move from the office.

2. A number of people liked my Practicing Proverbs post for chapter 2. Someday I’ll complete the whole 31 chapters, maybe.

3. Weight has inched up a bit in the last few days. Not a happy eater.

4. Had to go downtown this morning for a chore. Takes a while to get even a few blocks. Lights, traffic, pedestrians. Now I remember why I avoid going there.

5. Does anybody else out there ever eat a breakfast-type meal at night? It’s eggs and bacon time for us this evening. And The Missus’s zucchini and cinnamon bread. See Item 3 above.

6. An original item:

The rocks rose like warriors’ spears,
Tree limbs snaked downward to heighten their fears,
Darkness dogged their faltering backs,
The jungle swallowed their souls and tracks.

7. A Bible verse:

Deceit is in the heart of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.
Proverbs 12.20

If you continue doing what you’re doing now, what will be your regrets 10 or 20 years from now?

North I go, like Irma,
But quiet, unknown, unmapped,
For life and family,
Not blindly for destruction.

My take, today, on 10 life imperatives

10 life imperatives

The internet changes people. Due to circumstances, yesterday morning I ate breakfast out. Rare thing. In a chair close to me, the local paper. I had things to do, agenda to organize, but I picked up the paper for a moment. It interested me little.

Beauty trumps rest. Today’s a holiday, but the beauty shops are open. And the padarias (bread stores) will always be open, as well. Man may not live by bread alone, but bread a Brazilian cannot do without.

The steps to salvation are only five. It took seven written instructions to explain how to mount the new toilet seat on the base. All cheap plastic parts, of course. (But not cheap in money.) Why so complicated?

Cold and rainy this morning. List is long of things to do. Weigh-in today put me at lowest ever in years. Even my new jeans are a tad loose.

Went and paid my car repair bill from last week. Mechanic lets me do that when there’s an emergency, been going to him for 16 years. He got right to work on the car, got it back to us next day. When I picked it up, I promised him some of Missus’s brownies.

Front moved in this morning, brought rain, unusual for this time of year. Not as cold as I expected, yet. Took Missus to the padaria for lunch, down the avenue, after her weekend away. Final study in series set for tonight with Pedro and Karol. Using this series: http://deusconosco.com/alguemteama They're already talking baptism, we have set up the use of a neighbor's pool down the street. The question is when to do the baptism. Between their work schedules and the cold weather, I hope we can find a sunny late afternoon to do it.



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